Efficient and compassionate human resources employed in MIDHCO Holding and Subsidiaries are undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets. To ensure the future of the human resources employed in their companies, the MIDHCO Holding and Subsidiaries senior management have attempted to establish the MIDHCO HUMAN CAPITAL FUTURE PROSPERITY “TAMIDHCO”. The main mission of TAMIDHCO is focusing on the future supply of human capital staff. This strategy has been designed for shareholders who subscribe it as future insurance for the employees and their families. This successful operation can be evaluated as a competitive advantage in attracting elite professionals. TAMIDHCO (JSC) has been registered on 2015 in Tehran Companies Registration Office and Industrial Property as number 479410.

Headquarter Office:
No. 401, Floor 4th, MIDHCO Building, No. 2, Mina St., West Bidar St., Kouyeh Faraz, Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran
Kerman Office:
No. 501, Floor 5th, Pasargad Bank Building, the Islamic Republic Blvd., Kerman, Iran

Kerman Office: Keshavarz Boulevard, between the second and fourth streets, Tomidco Building – Phone: 321126882 (034) Fax: 32126882 (034) Postal code: 7618834199

Office phone: 26350015-17

Fax: Main office: 26350024
Postal Code: 1981959465